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Why Green Learning Environments?

Playing and learning in forest and nature stimulates the imagination, creativity and entrepreneurship. Besides, nature is a great place to gain experience for the development of social and motor skills.

The positive impact of a green learning environment is even more significant when working with children with cognitive disabilities, learning disorders, attention disabilities (such as ADHD) and autism spectrum disorders. In an informal natural environment, these children learn better than in a classroom. A green learning environment therefore increases their chances in society meaningfully.

From this determination, BOS +, together with partners from Slovenia and England, execute the Green Learning Environments project.

The social-ecological Green Learning Environments project builds on a sustainable society. We lower the threshold and encourage teachers to take full advantage of the benefits that a green environment offers.
We invest in future generations, and specifically in the future of young people who fall more often by the wayside.

Project Sheet

Title: Green Learning Environments
Period: 2016-2018
Partners: Mersey Forest Team at Community Forest Trust; Slovenian NGO Institute for Forest Pedagogics; Slovenian Forest Research Institute (GOZDIS); and the partner schools:

  • Belgium: MPIGO Heemschool (Neder-over-Heembeek) and BuBaO Sint-Gregorius (Gentbrugge)
  • Slovenia: OS Ljubo Šercer Kočevje and OS Jela Janežiča 
  • UK: Bluebell Park School and Green Lane Community Special School

Financier: Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union
Goal: This project will result in concrete and ready-to-use teaching material, designed for children with special education needs. All educational material will be tesed and can be donwloaded for free. Teachers, educators and pedagogues will have the right tools to make maximal use of nature as a powerfull learning environment.

Countries: Belgium, United Kingdom, Slovenia

Green Learning Environments: Conferences

Conference by Community Forest Trust: 18th Oktober 2018, UK

Our conference at Bluebell Park School, Knowsley, is an opportunity for us to share what we have learnt, explore what opportunities there are to develop the work further and see if we can develop a network of practitioners and schools who wish to work together in the future. More info and registration can be found here, the presentations are available here.

Conference by The Institute for Forest Pedagogics, Slovenia

More info will be released soon.

Information in Dutch & Slovenian

Here you can find the webpage in Dutch.

Here you can find teh webpage in Slovenian.