International Forest Therapy Days in Finland: forests, human health and happier societies

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“New ideas and new goals – inspiration!”

 “This really encouraged me to take steps toward building my job around forest (nature) therapy.”

“Amazing memories, pure peace and joy”

With these words some last year´s participants described their IFTDays experience.

The International Forest Therapy Days, organized first time in 2018, will be held again in the first week of July in beautiful southern Finland in the Evo National Park. IFTDays is built on the belief in Forest Therapy´s potential for contributing to healthier and happier societies. You can read more about our mission here.

With the 2019 event we want to continue the dialogue with the forest therapy practitioners, health care professionals, natural resource management representatives, forest owners and scientists to help forest therapy get a stronger foothold in societies around the world. IFTDays welcomes participants from across the globe as the love of different kinds of forests unites people from all around the world.

To be able to provide a thorough look into what is cooking in the field of Forest Therapy, we have split the week into three distinct activities.

The week starts with the IFTDays Seminar (2nd July) where research and practice are presented and during which the Forest Therapy market provides an opportunity for networking. 

The Seminar day is followed by the Workshop Day (3rd of July) that offers a more detailed look into some highlighted activities relevant to Forest Therapy.  The rest of the week will be spent in Immersion Days (4th -7th of July) where forest therapy practitioners lead sessions to initiate participants to different practical applications of forest therapy. This event provides you with the firsthand experience of what forest therapy/forest bathing/shinrin yoku can be and how it is understood in different parts of the world. Certificate of attendance is provided to those who attend the entire week.

Everyone and anyone interested in forests and their importance for the planetary health are encouraged to participate.


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