Laat van je horen voor een nieuwe EU-wetgeving en houd ontbossing van je bord

Take action and demand the EU to get deforestation of our plates! We helped filling out the form to make it easier for you. Fill in the data (Voornaam = First name, Achternaam= Last name) and click on 'Doe nu mee' to sign the petition. 

Whats the problem?

Research shows we're destroying our natural habitats at an alarming rate. The last decade the Amazon rainforest lost a forest area of over 8.4 million soccerfields and the Cerrado, the most biodvers savannah int he world, lost over 10 million soccerfields of nature! This loss is mainly caused by agriculture industries, that destroy natural areas to grow produce like soy, palmoil and cacao. This industrie is largely fueled by a large European demand for this products, which are quietly hidden away in tons of products sold in our supermarkets and are therefore hard to avoid. 

The European Union (EU) has to take a leading role in the protection of forests and other ecosystems globally. If we don't stop deforestation and degradation of ecosystems, we will lose the fight against climatechange and lossc of biodiversity. You can help change this!

Who's responsable?

Deforestation and landdegradation are complex issues where all of us knowingly or unknowingly participate in. At this moment, the EU does nothing to stop the import of products directly linked to these issues. The products easily end up in the supermarket and on your plate. Palmoil for instance, is commonly used ingredient in processed foods and cosmetics, while soy is being used as a food staple for cattle being raised in our local meat-and dairysuppliers. We're eating away at our forests whithout even knowing.

The EU is the largest importer of palmoil and soy, but in Belgium cacao also has a large impact on deforestation. We do not ask to ban this products completeley, only taht they are produced ina sustainable way. To make this possible, a strong legislation for producers has the greatest effect. This is your chance to help make this happen.