About BOS+

BOS+ is the only Flemish organization dedicated particularly to forest conservation, better and more forests in Flanders and in the world.


The Association for Forests in Flanders (VBV) has striven for more and better forests in Flanders for the last 40 years. Since more than 10 years Groenhart does the same in the tropics. The successful collaboration the past decade culminated in BOS+ in april 2012.

The '+' of together

Even more than before, BOS+ wants to collaborate. The '+' obviously stands for the closer cooperation between former VBV and Groenhart, but there's more. BOS+ wants to be a frontrunner to bring and keep forest issues high on the agenda. But to advance, other organizations have to cooperate in this forest story. It's a plus for and about the forest: + forest lover, + press, + civil and private society, + environmental NGOs, + owners, + forest and nature managers, + local and supra-local authorities, politicians and executers, + science, + national and international partners,...
Only by working together can arise a broad base and can grow the awareness that forests and trees are vital for a liveable world for humans, plants and animals. Only together we can reach this goal.

Here you can read our Partnership Policy.

The '+' of more

Far too much forests still disappear on our planet: several times the size of Belgium every year. In Flanders more forest disappears then there is recovered as well, this makes our region the sad exception of Western Europe: there the past few decades more than two million hectares of forest have been regained. The conclusion is simple: BOS+ wants more forests.

The '+' of better

Forests and trees contribute to a better society, not only here in Flanders, but in the whole world. Forests bring life. Numerous studies have supported this and more and more people get convinced. Therefore it's important not only to have more, but also better forests. BOS+ asks for greater efforts for the conservation and management of forests.

Together for more and better

BOS+ wants to help to turn the tide. At this time when almost all attention goes to economic growth and banking crises, we must never forget that our society stands or falls with the carrying capacity of nature. If we continue to compromise it, sooner or later things will go wrong. That is why BOS+ continues to work hard to improve that capacity through forest conservation, reforestation and afforestation. BOS+ has the knowhow, the experience and knows the possibilities and the pitfalls. We have an innovative approach to forest policy and sustainable forest management. Anyone who is committed to forests can make use of it and engage even more actively for more and better forests. Eventually these efforts serve society as a whole, because forests bring life.

green: the regions where BOS+ is active at the moment
yellow: the regions where BOS+ wants to start up activities in the near future 


Hilke Evenepoel
Coordinator BOS+ tropics
0032 (0)9 264 90 25
Skype: hilke.evenepoel1

Debbie Eraly
Project employee BOS+ tropics
Skype: debbieloe